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W E B M O N E Y       P A C I F I C


The electronic WebMoney system was launched in 1998, and since that time the number of its active users has exceeded 6 mln. This, BTW, means that its growth is not only unique, but in a way phenomenal! Take then a chance to find yourself in friendly Internet facilities that WebMoney proposes its users FREE OF CHARGE.

The major difference with other world electronic money system lies in the following: WebMoney provides people lots of opportunities TO EARN, rather than spend. Given the fact that money-making tools in WebMoney environment are really free to utilize, it may boggle one’s mind. But it’s true!

Each transaction made in WebMoney costs the sender 0.8% of the sum, though not exceeding 50 WMZ (WMZ is the system's equivalent for US dollars) irregardless of transferred funds. That is all the WebMoney takes from the users.

What are the best ways to start earning webmoney and turn them into hard cash?

1. You got a website. And it doesn’t matter what it’s dedicated to or what it says. Or what language it uses. As a matter of fact, any website represents a space where advertisers may wish to advertise their products. If a webmaster finds automatic ads placement facilities and automatic cash withdrawal opportunities that don’t interrupt or spoil his website’s run in the Internet, then the task is done, isn’t it? In Webmoney environment it’s already accomplished. You have a website, you may earn money every day, every hour, every minute, every second! Sounds incredible, but it really exists and quite a number of webmasters make money, doing really nothing, but checking a proper cash-inflow.

2. You got an established enterprise that sells products or services. Include webmoney instant payment form on your website, and obtain more customers!

3. You deal with electronic monies exchange. Include webmoney into your list of currencies, and you’ll immediately feel more buyers' afflux!

4. You’ve saved enough cash, and look for the best ways to invest. What about considering of getting 1-2% monthly dividends on shares bought online? And plus the opportunity to sell & buy shares in automatic mode?

5. You got cash, and wish to give credits for 5-10% of MONTHLY interest. No problem, you can do that with webmoney, and you'll have no fuss about it, for it’s an automatic process, too!

6. You sell pin-codes, music, movies, programmes, etc online. Add webmoney instant cash receiving form and receive more customers from the world over!


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